About us

Have you been planning your local move? I remember my first time moving locally by myself. It was complicated, messy, a lot of work, a lot of heavy lifting and in general stressful. After seeing that local move is not only loading your items into the moving truck, it is much more than that.Then I did my research on local moving companies and read a lot of bad experiences and in general, found out about the very bad reputation that moving company has. I got the idea that maybe I could change that. I had a job that I was not that happy with and I decided to start my own moving business. At the very beginning, it was just me and a couple of professional movers I managed to gather. Little by little we finished training with the experts in this field and learned a lot about this business in general. Our team is very passionate about moving and that is why we all had just one goal – to make our clients happy. After just a few years, we managed to grow and build a professional moving business that operates in San Francisco. 

So, if you have been looking for some of the best local moving companies on the market, look no further – Oakland Movers have everything you might be looking for in a professional moving team. We offer any kind of local move – residential and corporate relocation, labor moving and storage moves. Aside from regular relocation plans, our company offers many other services, including packing assistance. Our professional team will make sure that all of your belongings are handled with utmost care. Oakland Movers is a top rated local moving company with many positive feedbacks from our clients. You can rest assured knowing that your belongings will be safe in the hands of our professional and experienced team.

Don’t waste your precious time, when you can hire a professional team to take care of everything for you!

Why us

With many years of experience, our moving company gained the necessary knowledge and skills to provide exceptional moving service to everyone. If you ever moved your home before, you already know that a local move can get quite time-consuming with all planning, organizing and the actual move. Oakland Movers wants to save you time and money. With a variety of moving services we can offer, we can assist with any type of move that you need us to. 

Movers and packers that we hire are all trained and we do background check for all of our employees. Team of movers that will take care of your move will make sure that your items are handled with the utmost care. Safety is our number one priority and we are using modern moving equipment to ensure your items are completely protected. Modern moving techniques we are using are helping us perform your move time efficiently. 

Price you will get from our amazing sales team is guaranteed and we won’t charge you any additional or hidden charges. We brainstormed when we founded our company and decided that the way you earn trust of our clients is to be transparent and honest about everything. Budget is always one of the biggest concerns for every client. That is why we decided that our rates will be all-inclusive and without any hidden fees on top. Oakland Movers are not charging anything for handling stairs, heavy items, long carry, fuel, mileage or even California double drive time fee. You can trust our team! Our agents will make sure to prepare you for your upcoming move.

Oakland Movers is licenced and insured local moving company. You will have your additional peace of mind when moving with us. 

Moving trucks we are using are clean and well maintained. Safety of your belongings is not finished with wrapping and disassembling, your items need to be safe during the driving as well.

Last, but not least is our customer experience. There is a difference between customer service and customer experience and we want to offer you experience to enjoy your moving process from the first time you give us a call until your move is done. Our moving experts will make sure that you are guided through your moving process even before you decide to book your move. Scheduling a move is very simple and fast.

Give us a call and let our family move yours in a safe and professional way!