Moving to San Francisco? Best areas to live -top 10!

Geographically, San Francisco is not that big city, it is around 50 miles long and located onto the end of a peninsula. On the other hand, San Francisco is a very diverse city that has a lot to offer. Neighborhoods in San Francisco have different character, history, aesthetic and different price ranges of course, so if you are looking to relocate to one of them you should think of what you are looking for. Here is our pick of top 10 best neighborhoods in San Francisco to live in.

1. Mission Bay

Mission bay is a great neighborhood for young professionals, especially in the tech-industry. This is one of San Francisco’s newest neighborhoods with an estimated $4 billion spent to develop it. If you are in a search for a modern apartment, high-rise condominium or loft alongside hip restaurants, bars and stores – you can find it here. This young neighborhood attracts a lot of tech workers. Since recently, you can find a park here with a basketball court, volleyball court and dog areas where you can let your best friend run without the leash. 

2. The Marina

If you are a young single professional looking forward to meeting new people, this waterfront neighborhood might be just perfect for you. While walking along the water you will notice a lot of dog owners walking with their best friends as well. Along Chestnut and Union Streets you will run into a lot of retail stores, sushi bars, high-end boutiques etc. It is a very cozy neighborhood for anyone who enjoys a nice view and laid-back lifestyle. 

3. Oakland

Oakland is one of the more expensive neighborhoods, but it is worth it because it is perfect for anyone – young professionals or people with family, everyone can find their happiness here. Oakland can offer you whatever you are looking for, modern apartments, ranch homes or fancy houses. Food options are various, you will have Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Vietnamise, Indian, Thai food etc. in the neighborhood. You won’t have any issues with finding a job here. If you are moving with kids, there are amazing public and private schools in the area. 

4. Walnut Creek

Walnut Creek has become a hip suburb in recent years. Downtown of Walnut Creek is filled with trendy eateries and restaurants, which makes this neighborhood a paradise for foodies. You will love shopping in one of the most popular shopping malls in the region – Broadway Pizza. It is also popular for those who love arts, there are lots of performances throughout the year.  If you are looking for an affordable neighborhood where you can even buy your first home, Walnut Creek is the perfect choice for you. 

5, Nob Hill

This neighborhood is known as Snob Hill, but it is far from being elitist. It is an amazing place if you are looking for historic institutions, affordable eateries, diversity and fun. Price of a property depends on different factors, so you can choose what suits your budget the best. This city can offer you one of the best parks – Huntington Park. Nightlife options are various, from fancy expensive places to cozy places where you can worry-free enjoy with your friends. If you are looking for a place where you can have it all, think about moving to Nob Hill.

6. San Leandro

San Leandro is perfect for families that are looking for an affordable and quiet life. San Leandro is a multicultural neighborhood with a lot of nice and friendly people. Great food options, amazing public schools and great outdoor areas. San Leandro is a safe city. If you decide to move to San Leandro, you can enjoy its shopping options as well. 

7. Pacifica

For anyone who dreamed about living in a beach town, Pacifica is the best choice. Just be ready for spending a lot of time commuting. Views are gorgeous and you will love living here.  Weather here is more chilly and it is also known for its fog. It is that popular that they have a celebration called Fogfest. Pacifica is way more affordable than any other neighborhood in San Francisco. If you want to live in a quiet town with a cozy vibe, you should look no further. 

8. Mill Valley

Another neighborhood that is perfect for families. It is tucked in nearby Mt. Tamalpais and surrounded by redwood trees. You will find a great home for your family here. Mill Valley has a quaint downtown, lots of parks and open space and amazing public schools for your kids. 

9. SoMa

SoMa is a centrally located neighborhood and it is very diverse. South of Market (SoMa for short) still has some affordable properties you can find. The neighborhood is constantly growing and there are new buildings all around. If you are looking for a nightlife, this city has pretty decent places for parting. There are different nightclubs, bars and pubs in the neighborhood. 

10. Fruitvale

If you want to live in a neighborhood that will make you feel like living downtown, but not actually living downtown – Fruitvale is the right choice for you. You won’t need a car if you decide to live here, that is for sure. This neighborhood is a home to one of the most important Bay Area buildings of the decade – Fruitvale Transit Village. You will find everything here – great schools, amazing public libraries, restaurants, cafes, grocery stores etc. Food scene here is one of the best in the whole San Francisco area. 

7 reasons to hire a professional and local moving company!

If you have an upcoming local relocation and you want everything to go smoothly and worry-free, you should think of scheduling a local moving company. Here is a list of the top 7 reasons why you should hire a professional moving company to take care of your local move. 

1. Save yourself and your friends of heavy lifting

It would be too optimistic to think that you can handle all of your belongings by yourself if you decide to move without hiring a moving company. That means you will have to call your friends to help you out instead of calling them for a home-warming party. Heavy lifting can be dangerous if it’s performed by someone without the experience. That is why you should leave heavy lifting to your local furniture movers. It will save you from breaking your back. 

2. Professional and experienced moving help

When you hire local professional movers, you are not getting just someone who will do a heavy lifting, you will get someone who will take care of your belongings in the utmost professional way. Professional movers with a truck are part of your price, so you don’t even have to rent a moving truck. Your movers will take care of disassembly, reassembly, protection of your items. Experienced movers will be at your location with the necessary moving equipment. You are getting all of that included in one price. 

3. Time-efficiency 

Time is money, we are all familiar with that, so why would you waste weeks and weeks of your time in performing and organizing your local move when you can hire professional local movers that will do everything for you in just one day. Professional movers are experienced employees that are performing moves every day, you can trust they know what they are doing. When you have someone who is experienced, they will perform your move way faster than you could imagine. 

4. Safety

Not only your items will be safely relocated, but your safety is guaranteed as well. We already mentioned that heavy lifting when performed without the experience might be dangerous and you might hurt yourself. So you will ensure your safety, which is number one priority. Your items will be carefully handled by a group of professionals, so safety of your furniture is guaranteed as well. 

5. Free moving quote

Local moving companies are offering free moving quotes, so you have nothing to lose. When you start calling, you will see that having a local move is actually affordable. Call moving companies that you chose after you did your research and get as many quotes as you need until you find a local movers that can fulfil your needs. 

6. Accountability and Reliability 

Deciding what local movers to hire is never simple because there are a bunch of local moving companies on the market. If you hire real professionals, they will be someone who is accountable for their actions. Licenced moving companies have basic coverage insurance included in their price and in case of any damages or anything that you didn’t feel as you planned, you can start your claim process with your local movers and they will be there for you to offer you help and solution. On the other hand, your local movers are someone you can rely on. You can rely they will be at your moving site at the agreed time, perform quality moving service and charge you the rate they said. Trust is very important when you are placing your whole life in someone’s hands. 

7. Ease your mind

Regardless if you moved before or this is your first time moving, hiring a local moving company will help you have a worry-free relocation. Local movers will help you with every step of your upcoming relocation, not only furniture moving. Sales representatives are the ones who will prepare you for the move, help you with planning and organizing and also scheduling. With your local movers you are getting the whole moving equipment. Overall, local movers will reduce your to-do list to only basic and necessary tasks and that will help you feel more relaxed about your upcoming move.

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