There are lots of local moving companies on the market and unfortunately not all of them are insured. This is why you should do a therril research before hiring a local moving company. A piece of advice we can offer is not to hire movers that are not insured.

Whenever you are satisfied with the service in the restaurant, you will probably tip the movers. There is no difference when we talk about movers. If you are happy with the service they provided, you should tip them, but you are not obligated. How much to tip movers is up to you, whatever you feel it would be sufficient. 

Moving guns in the moving truck is not safe for various reasons. There are probably some local movers that will say yes to moving guns, but most of them have policies that don’t allow moving guns. They can move a  gun safe, but it should be empty.

Yes! All of your belongings will be safely disassembled and reassembled if you hire a professional local moving company. This is a standard service that any experienced movers are offering.

If you are planning your local relocation and you want to have your peace of mind, you should hire professional movers. They will make sure your items are safely relocated, their moving consultants will help you with planning and you won’t have to worry about safety of your belongings. 

There are a lot of ways to find good movers to help you with your upcoming relocation. One of them is to ask someone you know moved recently to recommend the moving company they used. It is the best to have first hand experience. If that is not the case and you don’t have anyone to refer you to their movers, you will have to use the good old way – internet search. Type ‘movers near me’ or ‘furniture movers near me’ and start scrolling, reading and calling. Eventually you will find movers that can fulfill all of your needs.

The way movers charge depends on their policy. Most of the local movers charge the hourly rate with a certain number of hours as a minimum. Rarely, local movers will offer you a flat rate, but it is not impossible.

Again something that is a case to case scenario and depends on your local movers. Most of the moving companies have their weight limit that can vary. Most important thing is to ask if you have something too heavy, unique, antique or weirdly shaped. Better safe than sorry.

Every professional movers can help you with packing. Packing is another task of your local move and local movers are experienced in this field as well. Usually, you just need to ask for a packing and they will provide you with a moving quote for that. 

This might be the case, but again it depends on a moving company. If you are flexible with the date and your movers offer you weekdays as a cheaper option, go for it. Saturday is usually the busiest day in the moving industry, so don’t get surprised if it is a bit pricier.