In and out of storage moving

If you are looking for the experts when we talk about storage movers, that is Oakland Movers. We experienced so many storage moves that we can proudly say that you won’t find anyone who is better than us.

After you get your free moving quote, our friendly staff will make sure to let you know everything you should know about your upcoming storage move so you can be prepared. After we hear a bit more about your move, we will be able to offer the best amount of movers to perform your move safely and efficiently. Pick your perfect moving date and let us take care of everything else for you!

Our team of movers is highly professional and they have experience needed to take care of your items in the safest way. We will use our modern moving equipment to reassemble/disassemble your furniture. Plastic wrap is included in the price, if needed. Our trucks are well-maintained and equipped with everything that is needed for your storage move.

Price you will get is very compatible and affordable. When we say our rate is all inclusive, we truly mean it, because there are no additional charges of any sort. We start charging for your local move when the job starts, no fees for mileage, fuel or gas. Nothing on top of your price will be charged for handling heavy items, stairs or long carry. You can be safe and sound when we talk about the price, because it is guaranteed.

As a licenced company, basic coverage insurance is a part of our price, so you won’t have to spend your money on the additional insurance. 

Tips when moving to a storage:

  • Check your storage working hours and coordinate your local move based on that
  • If your storage has short working hours, get a 24 hours access key or gate code for your moving day
  • Get extra protection for your items if your plan is to keep them in the storage for a longer period of time
  • Find a storage unit that is close to your current or new location, it will help with moving cost and it will be easier for you in case you need to get something from the unit
  • Check if storage unit is well-maintained, clean and how is the temperature before booking one